Monday, July 9, 2007

Friggin' hot

The worst part about returning from the yearly family Lake Powell run is knowing that it'll be approximately 364 days before we get to go again. Lake Powell Trip 2007 was super cool. And by super cool, what I really mean is swelteringly hot. (Melinda, what do you think of when you hear the word 'swelter'?) I'm pretty sure it averaged around 109 degrees, although I can't be positive since I was much too tired to watch the news at night to find out. And also, I'm convinced that anything over 103 doesn't really feel any hotter, it just kills you quicker. Paddy, who served 2 years in one of the hottest missions in the world, begs to differ. He says 120 does feel hotter, but I'll just have to take his word for it.

Anyway, the wind on our faces during boat rides and wave runner trips was like air from a blowdryer. Paddy and I, with our smooth, olive skin (read: pale with freckles) got the desired sunburns in record time. It appears we made it through with no long term damage, though. The Honda Accord pulled through with flying colors, especially when compared to last year's Kia disaster. Paddy managed to catch a couple of fish, and I can see ankle bones on both sides of my feet again! (Side note: Did you know that if you get lazy and don't drink enough water in the aforementioned sweltering heat, your feet and legs can swell? I didn't either. And I ended up with cankles.) (Side note numero dos: Cankles= a hideous condition wherein there is no distinction between calf and ankles. Gross.)

We also learned that we suck at taking pictures. I'm pretty sure that subconsciously we didn't want any documentation of us in swimsuits. I guess we'll post some from our family members' cameras soon. Maybe tonight I'll post what our house looks like with the post-trip mess.


Melinda said...

Kristie, I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh out loud! I feel even more sheepish (what does that word make you think of?) when I'm at work alone at night and I laugh out loud. When I hear the word sweltering I think of a wet, saddened, miserable face with matted hair and steam swirling around their body.
P.S. I'm so glad you found our blog! Sorry I didn't just give you the address! That would've been much easier! Oh, and we need to get together very soon. We should hang out with Scott and Ashley as well. That way, when we're playing the word game, even more of our spouses can look at us like we're weirdos.(That sentence made it sound like we're practicing polygamy...hmmm)

Kris said...


Ha! That's a great image. For some reason, when I think of 'swelter', I picture a very dirty old man in raggedy clothing shoveling coal into a firey furnace. Sweat, of course, is pouring off of him, and the whole scene is an orange color with the exception of the black iron furnace, which obviously resembles a gaping mouth.

I agree. Let's hang out with our polygamist spouses quite soon. Seriously.