Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And puppy makes three!

Say hello to the newest member of our family! The beautiful four-legged creature below is Maria Guadalupe del Mar. (That's what Patrick says her name is, anyway. I don't think they can put all of that on a tag. It's just Lupe to the rest of us.) (Oh, and mom says we should have put a pronunciation guide on her tag, too. Lupe. Loo-pay.)

She is two and a half months old, which seems to be a wonderful age to get a puppy as she has yet to have a potty accident in our condo. As designated dog mess cleaner-upper of the family, I am pretty excited about that.

She also has managed to get through two work days in the condo without any major destruction, with the notable exception of the carpet outside of her room. The rather unattractive carpet in our house acts a little like a sweater-- if you pull one thread, the whole thing unravels. Such is the case now in our hallway. Good thing Mama is more patient than her Dad.

Note: Despite the picture to the right, we in no way condone the use of cigarettes by dogs or people.

Lupe is a cheerful little thing, and generally pretty content with the world. Except, it seems, at bath time. The look on her soggy face below pretty much sums up the experience.

In our fam, we have recently discovered that getting a puppy is a lot more like having a baby than one might think. I don't sleep well because I'm listening to her in the next room all night, and we can't let her take naps in the evening or she won't go to bed. I definitely think she's cuter than all the other dogs in our complex, and is obviously going excel in doggy obedience school. Oh. And we worry about her peeing on herself. So, pretty much like a baby-- kind of, sort of.

Lupe has life pretty easy. Since we don't have any kids, she only has our beta fish, Enrique, to beat out in order to claim the coveted position as favorite. And since he sucks, that should be a walk in the park.

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Livia said...

yea yea yea!! getting a doggie is the best!! i'm so happy you have a furry baby now. kev and i just got one about a month ago. she's splendid. i hope you thoroughly enjoy lupe.