Monday, February 11, 2013

Mixed messages

Bug came down with a nasty bug (get it?) this weekend. It came on fast; when we put her to bed Saturday night she seemed fine, but halfway through the night we heard the tell-tale barking cough that signals a croupy few days ahead. Despite sounding horrible and running a low fever, my little peanut has actually been in good spirits and is handling the whole thing like a little champ.

This morning, I decided she'd feel better after a nice warm tubby and fresh pajamas. Standing on her bathroom stool wrapped in a towel, my drippy little Bug girl looked up at me, eyes wide and innocent.

"I know why I'm sick, Mama", she nodded with sudden understanding. "I bet I swallowed some toothpaste."

Even if she did extrapolate my warnings in a way that was a little...unexpected, I guess it's nice to know that the message was received. Let's hope the warnings about always wearing a helmet, refraining from licking the bottom of her shoe (HAPPENED), and never opening the car door while on the freeway are equally heeded.

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Liv said...

I love the funny connections kids make. I hope she's feeling better this week!