Monday, February 25, 2013

First downs and first birthdays

Saturday was the day before Mr. Baggins turned one, and we threw an amazing party to celebrate the big day. We had all one-hundred-eleven-million three-hundred-and-twelve-thousand six-hundred-eighty-two members of our collective family over for a super cool BYU football themed party with chili dogs, chips, and, of course, cake. Luckily, Nana and PopPop let us invade and destroy their home. We definitely wouldn't have had nearly enough room to fit everyone at our place.

I got to cross off one item on my thirty before 30 list, too, which was to stack a 2-layer cake without it slumping and sliding all over the place. Turns out that since I made the cakes the day before and froze them, this was easy as pie. Maybe in the past I've just been too eager to stack warm cakes.

I'm only moderately pleased with how the design of it turned out (and even then only because Tia's mom happened to be in town and totally saved the day by fixing all my decorating screw ups because she is so talented) but OH MY GOODNESS this cake was crazy delicious. That's right, I'm bragging about my own cake but only because it TOTALLY deserved it. I made a chocolate cake recipe I'd never tried along with a frosting that promised to win over even people like me who hate frosting. It totally delivered. (As long as you don't ask how much butter is in the frosting.)(Answer: One million.)

Grammy Tina was kind enough to bake Mr. Baggins a perfectly sculpted football cake. Baggins likes cake.

 He REALLY likes cake.

He ate basically an entire football-sized cake by himself in mere minutes.

He liked washing cake off a lot less than he liked eating it.

Baggins was absolutely spoiled by the generosity of all the wonderful people who love him. His big sister "helped" him open all of his presents, and has since been playing non-stop with each and every one of them. Brother turns one? SCORE!

Happy birthday, son!

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Stacey O said...

You're right!! You have every single right to brag about that cake, i'm STILL having dreams about it!! :) mmmmmm....
Such a beautiful family you've got, I can't believe how big your two babies are getting!
Congrats you two!