Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Worth a thousand words.

Schmoopse and I have been busy falling in love with the new camera we purchased recently. Even with my rudimentary photography skills, this thing takes gorgeous pictures (though, to be fair, I gave it some pretty cute subjects.)

Check out these shots right out of the camera, no editing required.

Pretty sure every person in the history of the universe who has dyed their hair red
 is a little ticked it didn't come out looking exactly like hers.)

And speaking of those last two shots (were we?) I wonder if I will ever stop being completely cuted out by the little relationship growing between my two babies. As Mr. Baggins grows more animated and communicative, Bug just can't get enough of her little pal. We've gotten in the habit of carrying the Bags into her room when she wakes up, and now she's deeply disappointed if he's not the first thing she sees in the morning. She is constantly asking if she can "check on him"-- translation: "go coo at him until she wakes him from his nap prematurely." 

Yesterday, Bug threw some sort of fit while she was supposed to be getting ready for bed, and her screams woke him from his late nap. I was at work, but Paddy called to tell me how, after family prayers, Bug threw her little arms around Mr. Baggins and said, "Buddy, I'm so sorry I woke you up with my screaming and hollering. I yuv you so much." With that kind of unsolicited angelic behavior, she's either the sweetest sister ever, or master parental manipulator.

For his part, the Mister cranes his neck in every possible angle to keep her in his line of sight at all times. She is generally the only one who can tease out his best giggles. (He's a stingey fellow with those laughs.) He thinks her every move is the greatest thing ever, like, HELLO, CALL THE PRESSES, Bug just put on a funny hat and how come you people don't see her GENIUS, and he proves his eternal love by ramming handfuls of her hair into his mouth at every opportunity. At fairly regular intervals throughout the day I'll hear a remarkably calm and composed Bug call out for me to come save her, and I'll find her head twisted at some bizarre angle with Baggins next to her, pleased as punch with himself and his sweaty little mit full of her locks.  All in all, he thinks she's the cat's pajamas, and she digs him.

I am so lucky to have these two babies and I don't ever forget it. My new camera ensures I'll never forget the way it looks.


Liv said...


I have dyed my hair red on at least two separate occasions and only one of them worked well. So yes, I'm jealous.

katelinklug said...

You guys have got adorable children!!!

Brandon and Stacey said...

Oh my goodness. That last picture of your two gorgeous kiddos should be blown up and framed and hung above your mantel!! SO CUTE!!!