Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Splish splash.

The best part about summertime (besides the sunshine! and the warmth! and the general cheerfulness of all of us who get a bit sullen when we see nothing but ice and freezing air stained by inversion for 3 solid winter months, of course) is the way it is totally acceptable to ditch out on completing responsible tasks in favor of taking the kids to a splash  pad. We met Grammy Lu, Aunt B, and MJ in a neighborhood I sort of wish I lived in for a some watery fun.

It took a minute to adequately slather my so-fair-skinned-she-glows-in-the-dark child in enough sunscreen, but once we did she was all smiles.

Aren't her french braids cute? They'd better be. There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth to get them that way.

We kept the baby in the shade for the vast majority of the morning, but he did venture into the sunshine for a few minutes. Mr. Baggins was a greased little piggy in all his sunscreen.

Ultimately, he opted for more comfortable accommodations.

I have lots of chores to complete today after our lazy day in the sun. If you were wondering if it was worth it, I submit the following for your review.

Verdict: Good choice.


Katy said...

how fun. she is so cute. PS...that is my neighborhood :)

Allie Waite said...

she looks so cute in her lil swimsuit!! i love it!

katelinklug said...

I would say it was worth it, she looks sooo happy! She is adorable!
What neighborhood is that?

Samantha Kennicott said...

That last picture of her is priceless!! :)

Liv said...


Braids are so adorable, but so difficult to maneuver that Aspen usually just gets one strategically placed to pull as much hair as possible from her face.

Which splash pad is this? I went to a sucky one in Herriman and need another option.

April said...

Would it creep you out if I said I was in love with your son? Okay, I'm not. But I am in love with his chubby little arm in that picture! What a cute baby!