Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If I had a million dollars I'd buy you a monkey.

And now you have that Barenaked Ladies song from high school stuck in your head. Admit it.

So we have this running joke in our family. When Bug tells us she wants something, Schmoops usually tells her that he wants a million dollars. (Mama, of course, always says she wants peace and quiet. "Peees an' ky-it!!" Bug will shout in response. She doesn't seem to get the irony.)

Anyway, today the four of us were out running a few errands when Bug loudly announced that she wanted a peanut butter sandwich with honey. (In case you were wondering, she'd basically be content to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches from now until the end of time. Let's hope it's a phase.) As per usual, Daddy replied that he'd really like a million dollars. That's when the Mama in the passenger seat was treated to the following exchange.

Bug: I want a miw-yon dollars, too!
P, sarcastically:  What would you even do with a million dollars?
B, nonchalantly:  Get some gas.
P:  Really? What else would you buy?
B, matter-of-factly:  Eighteen cents.
P, managing to keep a straight face:  Yeah, you could buy lots of eighteen cents. What else?
B, thoughtfully:  Um, one of those A-B-Cs. 
P: Hmm.  What else?
B: A coupla marshmallows.

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katelinklug said...

That is so cute. She could buy all of that stuff and then give her parents the rest :)