Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something that bugs me.

Preface: This is not a big deal. I mean, on the scale of the world's problems, it's like maybe right below stoplights that aren't synchronized (do you hear me, Main Street, Logan, UT?) and above bushes that grow too large and encroach on sidewalk space.

But it bugs me.

It bugs me when I order something at the drive thru, and specifically request "no onions, please". And then the worker from the fast food joint says, all irritated-like, "um, that doesn't come with onions, so....?" Which, you'll note, is not even a question. But it means I have to reiterate my desire for the chicken burrito, leaving out my special request so as to not confuse everyone, but leaving me with the nagging worry that there may, in fact, be onions in my chicken burrito.

And that's my point. If it doesn't normally come with onions, then great. We're agreed. No onions. I'm not sure why that necessitated a response from you. I don't actually memorize the ingredients of the crap food I'm about to ingest; I just know I don't like onions, so that's how I ordered it. No need to educate me further on the subject.

Because the one time I forget to say it? I'll find myself biting into chunks of onions. You can bet your beans on that.

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mary elizabeth said...

this reminds me of how they always ask me if i want a receipt... i say no, then they hand me the receipt. why even ask?!