Monday, October 4, 2010

Bring it.

I can always think of the perfect, witty, biting thing to say. Perfectly placed sarcasm and humor with forceful emphasis to make my point flows like a smooth, wide river unencumbered into my brain and straight out my mouth.

Problem is, not until several hours after I need it.

I stand up for myself, communicate clearly, and stand confidently with my shoulders back.

Later, of course. Like when I’m home, unfairly spilling my wrath on my unsuspecting and certainly undeserving husband.

I am so tired of stepping up to the plate. I am so tired of taking one for the team. I am tired of pinch-hitting for everyone else in an emergency that isn't my fault.

And I am tired of stupid sports analogies.


Alice said...

I have a similar problem. I am not quite as witty or smooth...but I do think of the perfect thing to say, long after I had the chance.

Hang in there my dear, sorry it sucks!

Allie Harling said...

I am commenting!! So you know that yes, people do read your blog. I am the same way though. But sometimes I can think of this perfect thing to say, that would cut someone right to the core, their most vulnerable weak spot beforehand. And I envision myself saying it to them and what they would say back etc, etc. But that's about as far as it goes. Cause do I ever actually stand up for myself? No. haha, oh life...