Thursday, September 3, 2009

Utah State! Hey! Aggies all the way!

(First of all, let's establish something. As Grease states so eloquently, just because I can't be an athlete doesn't mean I can't be an athletic supporter. Being a crazed fan is justified since I can barely walk and chew gum simultaneously in my real life.)

As a graduate of Utah State University and the University of Utah who is married to a rabid BYU fan, there may be some question about my in-state collegiate loyalties. I spent 4 years living in Logan, but racked up more debt in one stinking year at the U (thank you, whoever decided graduate students didn't need grants.) I do, of course, value marital harmony with my Cougar-gear clad spouse pretty highly, and 75% of my parental figures attended the Y. It gets confusing.

During basketball season, certainly, there should be no debate. My Aggies have won at least 23 games every season for the past decade, and are particularly dominant at home, where I spent lots of hours screaming myself hoarse. My sophomore year, I was outraged along with Aggie fans everywhere when USU
became the first top 25 team to be excluded from the NCAA tournament. I followed my fabulous Aggies to Boise in 2005 for their NCAA performance, and look forward to both November 18 and December 2 with eager anticipation of crushing both in-state rivals on the hardwood.

Did I make myself clear?

On the football field, I am (understandably, I hope) less opinionated. The Aggies have been, shall we say, less than dominant on the field for, well, a while. And football games in Logan are cold.

Nevertheless, I'll face tonight's meeting of my two alma maters with a new coach on the field and new hope in my heart.



Jessica said...

Yeah, so I was going to text you about the game...

Lauren and Steve said...

Once and Aggie, always and Aggie. I proud of you for weathering the storm from which ever front it attacks you. We need to stand by the Aggies through thick and thin, thats something sports fans don't do anymore. I think you and I can agree that the next few years will take us to unchartered areas of success in football and in basketball. GO AGGIES!!!