Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ding! Round 1, or, How I Came to a Reluctant Appreciation of the Art of Cookie Tossing.

In the suddenly on-going war between me and my digestive tract, it's not like I didn't put up a good fight. My trusty iron-clad stomach-- which has long been an ally in trauma bays and in dealing with all things gooey, slimy, or bloody-- held tightly to my Cheerios for the first couple of weeks. Together, Floyd, Digestive Tract, and I trudged through tsunamis of nausea with naught but a grimace and some caffeine-free soda on ice. I sort of thought we had a good thing going, really.

The night of March 3rd, Digestive Tract defected, and I lost the battle (upheaval?) with barely a moment's notice.

Don't worry, I made it through like a champ (and, for those of you practical thinkers, to the toilet in time. Praises be.) Lupe seemed more upset by the whole episode than anyone else in the house (though it's admittedly difficult to assess Floyd's reaction what with him being the size of a blueberry and all. Plus, I was puking at the time, so probably not as tuned in as usual.)

In what must be a consolation gift from Digestive Tract (traitor), Floyd and I actually felt stable enough afterwards to give a few of Hubbie's cologne samples the ol' nasal once-over without any serious repercussions, and snuggled in for a good night's sleep.

Since that time, the intensity of the battles has waxed and waned. Officially, Digestive Tract and I have entered into negotiations, but that hasn't stopped the outbreak of violence from local insurgents from time to time. I'd like to say that I foresee a treaty and return to times of peace in the not so distant future, but at this point I'm far too busy establishing diplomatic relations with the inside of my toilet bowl to really commit to anything.


Greg and Amy said...

So, I'm just getting caught up on blogs and YAY! Your tummy can grow a baby! I'm so excited for you... and scared, not for the baby, you'll do fine raising the kid. But I just returned from an over night camping adventure with my 3 wee ones and man oh man- it's amazing what kids can put you through! :) But I am excited for you guys. It is a fun, crazy adventure... yes, adventure is a good word for it. :)

Alice said...

Hang in there. Nausea is one of the worst feelings ever. Puking, tops it :)

Zach and Car said...

I wasn't going to comment for fear I misinterpreted what was going on and would make an idiot of myself (a favorite past-time) but "Greg and Amy seem to be either as bright or as confused as me so I dare say - Congratulations! What good news! I know everyone says the nausea won't last forever, and I agree, but in the off chance that it does- I am glad to hear that you are becoming friendly with the toilet haha. Best advice I ever got- keep something (crackers seem to be the poison of choice) by your bed and eat a few as soon as you wake up, then stay in bed another 10ish minutes. Also do NOT, I repeat, do NOT take your prenatal in the morning as this has proved to lead to dire consequences later in the day :( Chin up! Hmmm I'm still contemplating whether the hyphen in past times is necessary.....