Thursday, December 11, 2008

And may all your Christmases be ethnically diverse.

First of all, I didn't run the race with Kinzy, after all. I worked Trauma for PCMC the night before and just couldn't do it. Guess the food bank got my money for nothin'. I did score a cool t-shirt though.


I enjoy Nativity scenes. I have a whole bunch that I inherited from Paddy's mom, and I set up my mom's every year, too. I've got big ones, small ones, colorful ones, plain ones, and a few with gold halos. I dig 'em.

Setting up the Nativity is a delicate process. Shepards and lambs on one side. The family sandwiched in the middle with the occasional angel presiding. Donkey near the manger because hey, he did a lot of work that day. Camels and wise men on the other side.

Did you hear that? Shepards on one side, wise men on the other, and n'er the two shall meet.

Does this make me a Christmas separationist?

I mean, I've got nothing against either group. Sure, I'm rather fond of the whole shepard's hook thing, but what modern girl wouldn't like to score a little myrrh from time to time? If I was a good social worker, would I have everyone intermingling in a jolly everyone-in-the-front-of-the-bus-playing-I-Spy-together sort of travel party? Your thoughts, please.


Melinda said...

Big ones...small ones....some as big as your head....I don't know Kris, if you're a separationist, then so am I. My measly wood-block manger scene with the stickers peeling off is divided as yours is. But my sheep are stackable so take that.

Christy and Kevin said...

You know- if you were a really good social worker you would have an African American Mary or baby Jesus at least...(I did not mean that to be sacreligious at all- social worker joke...especially if you went to grad school in the South like I did- those people are CRAZY!)
I think it is entirely fine to separate the two; wouldn't want those sheep getting into the frankincense. Separate but equal is just fine in my humble opinion. Carry on.

Alice said...

hehehe you are too funny. The Rookie put up our nativity this year and she totally split up the shepherds and I think about it every time I look at it. It doesn't look bad, I just think to myself, that guy needs to be on the other side "away" from the wisemen.

Guess we are on the same team about this one.