Tuesday, November 11, 2008

With regard to the aforementioned new shiny red shoes:

Please boost my confidence. I'm trying to branch here.

Do these belong in the closet of an 80-year-old matron?

Or the closet of Lisa Hardman? (All y'all haven't met her. But trust me, the girl's got style. She's now the meter by which all out-of-comfort-zone clothes are judged by every female in my family.)

Or peeping out from under the black dress pants of a 20-something social worker?

(Please say Lisa Hardman.)

(But please also say the truth.)

Liv, for bonus points, they come from DSW and they are comfy flats. And also for bonus points, they are red, shiny, and new.

And Alice, what do you think Stacy London would say?

P.S. I haven't worn this much yellow gold since I thought my Young Women's medallion (yep- the one with the girl's hair on fire) was cool. And never on my footwear.


Alice said...

"SHUT UP!" (in her I-can't-believe-my-eyes-you-totally-pulled-it-off-this-is-a-happy-moment-for-me Stacy Charm.)

I totally love them. The perfect mix of risk and style. Sorry they were hurting your feet, hopefully you can work them so they will be comfy. I think they are a keeper.

Who is Lisa Hardman?

by the way, I too wonder about that business with the shiny plants myself? I guess someone has to care :)

Liv said...

Girl, you go.

What fun shoes! I'm so glad you "branched out." I like them!!

I am so glad you went to DSW too. I'm going this weekend b/c I have a $10 off coupon AND a 25% off coupon. Plus, I'll be down there for class so it works out.

Soccerbum said...

Kris...Cute shoes. what happens if you click your heals twice?