Thursday, November 20, 2008

Despite the barren landscape, my mind is rarely bulldozed

"The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind."
- Maya Angelou

Poetic, ain't she?

I could go on and on about the changing seasons of life, blah blah blah. I don't want to. Reasons I don't like change any more than the next girl:

1- I'm scared of it.

Pretty much that.

And so, the following:

I grieve for you, Warrick Brown.


Dear Slate,

I can admit it. At first I hated your new layout. However, I think I have made peace with your white borders where I used to enjoy plum. If you want, we can still be friends. Please circle yes or no.


My list of things to read grows smaller as blogs I lurk go private so people like me (and/or axe murderers, which I think we've established I must not look like) don't lurk. And I don't know the authors well enough (read: at all) to ask to be invited, despite my obvious non-axe murderer status.


There aren't any leaves left on my trees, and it's months until my newly planted tulip bulbs come up. Blasted winter.


In the 10 seconds it took me to see where the stock market closed (it's a testament to how much I love my husband that I even know where to look), gmail changed its layout, too. So much for a firm foundation.

On the upside:

Taco Bell has Dr. Pepper now. How Kat and I would have thrilled in those college years.

And, turning sour again:

I'm old enough to say "those college years?"



mary elizabeth said...

oh kris... i too don't like change.

seriously, i'm so bummed they killed of warrick. so very bummed out.

and the gmail thing threw me for a loop as well (but they give you the option to change it back to the old version -- it's up there by where you sign out). my old hotmail account did this to me a few months ago and i was so mad. and now my gmail... why do they think they can just change it on us?! we LIKED the old version.

i too do not like when people go private. i mean, i guess i understand the reasoning behind it... but it does make it hard when blogs go private and you can't really continue to follow. plus, when people i DO know go private... i always forget to go + check their blogs. it's a lose/lose.

mmm... dr. pepper...

Liv said...

Dude, the gmail switch totally floored me. I thought I'd messed up my computer or something. But yes, I changed it back. I'm not ready to personalize my email account just yet. Hello? My blog's had the same layout forever. I like consistency.