Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That feeling

Do you ever have that feeling? You know, the feeling that happens when you are leaving for California in approximately 29 hours which means you are leaving work in approximately 26 hours to head to the airport which sounds truly fabulous? The feeling when you just finalized plans to be in Disneyland on anniversary numero dos? The feeling when you've MapQuest-ed directions to an aquarium, the temple, and the beach because your gifted husband just talked a car rental representative down to a price cheaper than cab fare to the aforementioned destinations even though neither of you are 25 yet? The feeling where you're tempted to wear shorts and flipflops to work tomorrow but it might get you fired and if you're going to get fired over it then you may as well do it after vacation when you have a tan? And also you just checked everything out on and its going to be perfectly delightful?

I have that feeling.


mary elizabeth said...

LUCKY! i hope you guys have a fabulous time! i'm so jealous!

Samantha Kennicott said...

sounds like fun! I am jealous, I could so use a vacation. Have a great anniversary!

Liv said...

Happy Anniversary this weekend!!

Johnson Fam said...

I'm SO jealous! But I hope you guys have/had fun! I will get that feeling in August....not going to California, but to Vegas with some of our friends and we are leaving the kiddies behind! Five whole days and no Ky! I just might go nuts but at the same time it will be nice to spend some time with adults and my hubby!!