Monday, January 21, 2008

Le Pooch

Husband and I adore our dog. We even love her when she rips up our ugly carpet. We still love her when she eats most of our DVD cases. We even keep loving her when she learns to hop the fence at Madre's house and then won't stop doing it even though she doesn't run away and instead just sits on the front porch waiting to be let back into the yard.

Unfortunately, many of all y'all haven't met le pooch. This is the Lu and her best friend Indy. I double dog dare the HOA to dislike that face, even if she is 3 times the weight limit for the complex.

Note: When I say I "double dog dare them", what I really mean is that I "live in constant fear and sneak her out to the Jeep to drive out of the complex for a walk after the sun has gone down." But hey. It's all semantics.

Lupe, in turn, adores us. And she adores the dog park.

The fact that I went along for the ride on this particular morning shows my true love. After all, I am wildly intolerant of even mildly chilly weather, and this particular morning was down right frigid. Lucky that Husband had that cool Pumas hat from Mexico for me to wear.

Lupe is also superbly funny to live with, especially when somehow she ends up dressed as a human.

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