Sunday, November 18, 2007

The week in review

It's been a long week, all. A quick run down for those keeping track:

Sunday, Nov. 11, approximately 10:55 am-
Paddy gets the Gospel Doctrine lesson manual and is informed he's "on the lesson next week, man". Substituting, we assume. Alrighty.

11:02 am- First counselor in the bishopric asks us to meet him after church. Uh oh.

12:10 pm- After a quick check to see what damage the Lupe had done to her room while we were worshipping, we return to the Bishop's office. Paddy is called as Gospel Doctrine teacher. Right on! (Husband's reaction appears to contain a hearty portion of the spirit of fear, but that's what you get for 4 months calling-free.)

Monday, 7:15 pm-
Lupe starts obedience school, and immediately proves to be both the cutest and the smartest dog in the room. There's a good chance she may have been smarter and cuter than several of the humans in the room, as well.

Tuesday, 7:o0-
Kris goes to Young Women in Excellence and realizes she doesn't like it any more than she did when she was actually a young woman, right down to the frozen lasagna that's luke warm in the middle.

Wednesday, 11:00 pm-Thursday, 8:00 am-
Kris wears the ER beeper for the first time, and though she is lucky enough to not go in at all and actually only receives one crisis call total, she still doesn't sleep all night because she's too busy checking the time on her cell phone to see how much longer she has until she's not on call anymore.

Happy birthday, Grandma Nancy.

Friday, 6:15 pm-
Kris finally leaves work. It's late. She's grouchy. Turns out she gets irritated when people who aren't her boss monopolize her time and get away with it because she hates confrontation and also because the other party can talk louder and faster than she can.

Saturday, 8:30 am-
Cousin Eric gets married. I remember when he used to like Top Ramen a lot and he had a color tv and I didn't. Now he's got a cute wife. I assume he still has a color tv, too, but I'll have to check on the Ramen.

Sunday, 10:20 am-
Husband + the Spirit deliver a fantastic Gospel Doctrine lesson.

Of note:
I started my new job this week. I am now acutally cool enough to carry not one, but two different pagers. I think I might get two badges, as well, since they figure the title "psych intake" might freak out my regular 9-5 patients. I encourage all y'all to stay healthy, but if you're going to get sick, you may as well come visit on the 8th floor of LDS hospital. If you tell them you're feeling really unstable, I promise a rockin' visit from the local social worker.

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