Thursday, November 1, 2007

My welcome gift

Approximately 3 days before I turned in my two week notice at ye ol' nursing home, a FedEx box came from the corporate office with my name on it. It seems that our parent company-- Fortune 500, I've been told-- still has enough heart to send out a welcome gift to new employees.

Gift in hand, I still didn't feel guilty turning in my notice. Care to know why?


With a tiny plastic light egg of this quality upon my arrival, my heart aches to know what I would have received at the five year mark, or even retirement. Maybe they would have splurged on a couple of those grocery store 3-D paper decorations that fold out accordian style.

To be fair, I should mention that the lightbulb inside changes color. The box claims that it should serve as "relaxing mood lighting". Let the romance begin.


Davis Hansen said...

While working at Wells Fargo several coworkers hit their 30 year mark at the bank. All they received was piece of paper in a frame telling them they had wasted 30 years of their lives working at an unappreciative bank. At least you got an egg.

Melinda said...

Wow, I'm soooooo jealous of your glowy-egg. Patrick hadn't better visit you at work with that romantic lighting, otherwise things might get out of hand. ;)

P.S. Speaking of romance...We were having a discussion the other day about tacky wedding shower gifts, and immediately your candy bra came to (What a thoughtful friend you had.) I still laugh at how your described how unromantic a candy bra would be, what with the wet string snapping against your skin and the candy shards flying everywhere.

cnkhorn said...

Hey Kris---it's Chris! I am not a big blogger, but decided to start one...our address is We are coming to Utah for Christmas-- wanna have lunch or something?