Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thirty before 30.

So here's the thing, I turn 30 this year. 3-0. T H I R T Y. I know, right? Start cracking your over the hill, denture-wearing senior citizen jokes now because you've only got until November to perfect them. Thirty years old is sort of a weird milestone for me because I remember my mother's thirtieth birthday. A neighbor had a singing gorilla come to our house with a telegram (telegram? Is there still such a thing?) and a singing gorilla is not really the sort of thing an 8 year old forgets.

All joking aside, I'm not really all that freaked out by turning 30. I've got a husband and a dog and a mortgage (two, actually, what with our condo) and a gaggle of kids and a couple of degrees and a job, so being 30 actually feels sort of... expected. I mean, I'm no Doogie Howser, and the years add up.

I set a couple of resolutions for this year, but I'll be honest, they're all sort of vague. What's that acronym you're supposed to follow for good goals? SMART, or something? I can't remember what the S stands for, but then it's like measurable, attainable, reportable?  or recordable?, and then maybe timely? I don't know, and anyway none of my resolutions fit. Those that are even sort of specific have gotten off to a slow start, but I'm being patient with myself, mostly because the one morning I woke up in the frigid cold to follow my old running path around the neighborhood my lungs filled right up to the brim with inversion-stink and nearly fell out of my body with a frozen thud.

 So anyway, in honor of the big event coming up in November, I decided to make a list of 30 things I'd like to do before I turn the big 3-0. I've filled up most of the list with fun things in no particular order of importance. Number 11, for example, is learn to make tamales (instead of buying them from the sketchy guy in the Walmart parking lot) and Number 1 is to eat at a good sushi place.

I have ten slots left, and I'm taking suggestions. Just what MUST I do before turning 30?


Samantha Kennicott said...

I think you should have a full spa day with the works- mani/pedi, facial, massage, haircut and style, etc. Maybe I'm just trying to live vicariously through you, though.... :) By the way, I turned 30 in 2012 and the earth didn't shatter for me, either. It's no big deal!

Jessica said...

Time bound
SMART goals have been burned into my head through school.

Anywho, I have suggestions for great sushi places, but not for other goals. In fact, we should go get great sushi together.