Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Snowsuit

When I was a little girl, my Papa bought me a snowsuit. I wore it for a couple of winters, playing in the snow outside the duplex we lived in and learning to ski in my private lessons at Alta. (Oooo, private lessons at the posh place. Aren't I all fancy pants?)

My mom, ever the careful and meticulous one, kept it in perfect condition and every one of my sibilings wore it, too. Turns out, after 27 years it is still safely stored in the snow clothes tupperware in my parents' basement.

Today, MJ put Bug in it. I'll stop talking now and just let the pictures say the rest.

Me, November 1986.

Bug, today.
I'm getting all weirded out, and I'm not even my parents.


Amber said...

How awesome!!

Stacey Orton said...

That is the CUTEST!!!

And.. I totally did a double take! That is the most she's ever looked like you!

I guess this picture proves there is a little of you in there after all! :)