Monday, August 13, 2012


During my (semi) daily morning run, I spend the vast majority of my time searching for something, anything to keep me trudging along. Just get to that garbage can, I say, and then that one down there. (Garbage days are inspiring.) Now get to that tree.

It's awful.

I've got the Chili Peppers on the iPod, yes, and scored some new Nikes a while back, but good tunes and decent shoes barely touch the corner of the awfulness that is running around my neighborhood in a Salt Lake City 5K shirt that I can't begin to place the origins of, shoving a double stroller with, I don't know, something like 45 pounds of kid in it.

And so I think up all sorts of bizarre scenarios and reward systems to keep myself engaged. Let's face it, though, at the end of 4 very long, sweaty miles, there are really only a couple bits of inspiration that can hold my attention.

(Hint: it's not Bug asking repeatedly over and over again and until the end of time, But Mommy, what are we doing AFTER our run and AFTER we go home and AFTER I eat some goldfish for a snack?)

Oh yeah. My Bug, covered in orange Crystal Light, and her Mr. Baggins, covered in adorable.


Jessica said...

Ugh. Running is hard. Running while pushing kids is awful. I've done it once with both my kids this summer. After that, getting up at 6am to run sounded much better than pushing 70+ lbs of kid.

Liv said...

Running sucks. But I bet it'd take the jiggle outta my wiggle. I just can't do it (won't).