Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't forget the lyrics!

In college, every girls apartment I was ever in had some version of a quote wall. Ours was an entire wall covered in butcher paper and scribbled on in crayon, but no matter the form, the function was the same-- document one-liners that seemed hilarious when they happened at 2 in the morning. Basically no one is interested in this except the girls who live there.

Anyway, the mommy blogger version of this is the "isms", the purpose of which is to document the funny things little kids say before they grow up and abandon words all together in favor of eye rolls and heavy sighs. I'm nearly positive that people are no more interested in this than they are the quote walls, but Bug's grandparents do read the blog and they probably care. Plus, it's my blog and I'll forget about it if I don't write it down.

Bug's been really into singing recently, which is basically the most adorable thing in the world. Her one hit wonder so far is Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, which she totally rocks.

Five yittow monkeys jumpin' a bed! 
One fell off an' bumped his HEAD!
 Mama called da doctor-- said

She grows increasingly more excited about singing it as she goes along, so by the end she is hopping up and down in pure joy.

We're currently working on Popcorn Popping, which is a cultural staple around these parts (see and hear real version here), and I just had to document her current version of the lyrics:

I yooked out da winnow an' what I see? Popcorn popping my eyes! 
Spring has brought me a yittow present!

After that, she sort of trails off, remembering that somewhere in there is a something about "making a tweat" that "smells so sweeeeeeet" but that's about it.

She's also a champ at Happy Birthday, which is basically an endless series of shouting "Happy Birr-day to YOU!" until she starts incorporating random birthday items like cake and candles into the song.

Another one of my favorites is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which goes something like this:

Tweentow tweentow yittow star, 
How I wonder what you doing!
Up above da worl' so HIGH
Yike a diamon' in da SKY!
Tweentow tweentow yittow star, 
What you doing?

Which, if you think about it, is really not a bad question.

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Allie Waite said...

I may count as family, but I'm certainly not a grandparent, and I found both entertaining and hilarious! Seriously I was laughing out loud a few times, especially at "What you doing?" and "Spring has brought me a yittow present"