Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuff I don't get.

  • Young men who insist on wearing their pants so large they have to permanenty dedicate one hand to holding them up.
  • Women over a certain age wearing mini-skirts and/or tank tops in public.
  • Toddler beauty pagaents. (Spray tanning a 5 year old? I just... I can't... ugh.)
  • Comedies where a black actor dresses up as an older fat woman.
  • Handle bar mustaches.
  • (Let's be fair.) Any kind of mustache.
  • People with that foamy saliva built up in the corners of their mouth as they speak.
  • Unnecessary product upgrades, e.g., the scented handles on the package of disposable razors Kim bought not long ago.
  • People who are neither playing beach volley ball nor water skiing, but still insist on securing their sunglasses with those chum things.

What things stump you?


Samantha Kennicott said...

Women who think they have some special talent because they chose to give birth without pain meds. Guess what? Epidurals haven't always existed, so any woman CAN do it. Some of us are just smart enough to not be in pain when we don't have to be. :)

Totally agree with the child beauty pageants. Fake teeth, spray tans, fake BOOBS on a Dolly Parton costume!?! Really!?

Dancing With The Stars. I have only seen an episode here and there, and I usually can't tell which person is the "star" and which is the professional dancer until they start dancing. But seriously, why watch 2 hours of bad ballroom dance?

People who think they don't need to watch their kids as long as there are other adults around, such as the mom who dropped her daughters off at the mall play area today and then went to go shop. Am I now in charge of making sure your kid is safe? And how do you know I'm not a psycho child-snatcher?? :)

Allie Waite said...

1. People who prefer cats to dogs
2. People that have rats as pets
3. Hipsters
4. Socks with flip flops.
5. Why my sister likes to watch Swamp People
6. Why you only see people you haven't seen in 5 years on the one day you go out in your sweats with no make up and disgusting dirty hair

& every thing on your list!