Thursday, April 28, 2011

You are what you eat.

Bug loves eating berries for lunch.

 Apparently, she doesn't like to be covered in berries for lunch.
This from the girl who poos in the tub like every other time she's in there.


Allie Harling said...

hahaha okay i can't decide which word i would rather use to describe this picture.. epic or priceless.

regardless... HILARIOUS!!!

Samantha Kennicott said...

Luckily so far neither of my children have ever pooped in the tub, but now that I just said that I'm sure one of them will next time. :) She is the cutest little thing, even when she is angry and covered in berry goop.

Michelle said...

hey don't hate. the tub can be very relaxing!! =) Love the berries!