Monday, September 27, 2010

Look, sire. The herd is on the move.

My sister MJ watches the Bug while I am at work.  We've put in place a special formality known as The Deal-- should Bug acheive any major milestones while I am away, MJ is to keep her mouth shut about it and then act surprised later when I excitedly tell her about it.  I'd like to say that she's never had to implement The Deal as I've been there for each 'first' so far, but now that I think about it, I guess I really don't know for sure...

Anyway, all was going along swimmingly until last Thursday night.  You see, last Thursday night, Schmoopsie and I headed to Capitol Theatre to see The Lion King with other qualifying members of his work sales team.  It was wonderful, fabulous, amazing, genius, insert-any-impressive-adjective-you-know-here good.  I'm not exaggerating here; it was that. good.  Really.  REALLY. 

And then at intermission, Schmoopise scurried off to the men's room, and came back with shocking news.

"Got a text from your mother," he said.  "Bug took 6 steps."

Clearly, Madre/Nana doesn't know The Deal.

"Are you kidding me?!" I asked.  "The one time we go on a date without her?"
"Are you kidding me?!" MJ thundered when she heard the news.  "The one time I'm not watching her?"

And now?  Bug won't repeat it.  Stubborn little thing.  Gets it from her Daddy.

Watch out.  Our ladyBug is on the move.


Liv said...

maybe she didn't really walk. perhaps someone was just jealous they weren't at the lion king too so an elaborate story was concocted to make you guys feel badly.

Alice said...

Little stinker. I am sure she will pull out sometime, my guess is when the time comes, she will take of in a run! ;)

Samantha Kennicott said...

We coaxed Amelia to walk with bites of brownie, held just out of her reach. Just a tip you might want to try. ;) And I thoroughly agree about Lion King- we saw it on Wednesday night and it was even better here than when we saw it in NYC. Amazing stuff!

Melinda said...

So exciting! But sad you weren't there. Maybe you should think twice about going on a date without her.

colette said...

Congrats, A! Maybe it's something about grandparents. My dad took video on his phone of Neil taking his first steps. Yeah, we were not there. Where were we, you ask? At the hospital giving birth to our daughter. They showed us the video a few hours later. :-|