Friday, May 7, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

The Bug earned herself an early release from her infant carseat for good behavior.  (Plus, too tall.)

If appearances are any indication, she should be safe to travel into outer space as captain of NASA's next mission in this thing:

Hope she likes it.  Bug will remain in this seat in one form or another until she is big enough to need no car seat at all, which in this day and age will be just about the time I'll have to teach her to shave her legs and wear deodorant. 

It's a good thing, too.  Earning a Master's degree has nothing on figuring out these straps.


colette said...

Looks like you got one similar to the one Neil has. He likes it and he's still rear-facing at 2. I'm hoping we can make it with infant seat until Mary is at least a year, but she's just so chunky, I don't know... Apparently height is the big one, though, so she might be okay since she seems to have the height genes of her great-grandparents Durrant :) Oh, btw, call me if you need help figuring out how to get the cover off to wash it. It's REALLY involved 8) On second thought, I have no idea how to do it anymore.

Angelina said...

As a kid I couldn't wait to be the parent and sit in the passenger seat. Now that I'm a parent I'm wishing I was a kid sitting in the car seat!