Monday, May 11, 2009

Tomato Extravaganza 2009, Volume 1

Padre, Floyd, and I faced this summer with but a simple goal in mind: single-handedly replace my mother's entire depleted stock of canned tomato products and create my own supply in one season.

On Saturday, Tomato Extravaganza 2009 was born.

For your viewing pleasure, a photo journey with captions.

Exhibit A: Genesis

Exhibit B- Padre tilled the earth.
Exhibit C: Padre raked the earth

Exhibit D: Lest you think I did nothing, the spoils of my shopping trip.

Exhibit E: Lupe, on the other hand, really did nothing.

Exhibits F & G: Together, we planted the earth,

which thrilled Lupe to pieces.

Exhibit H: Now, the earth looks like this.

Thirty-three (33) tomato plants darn near qualifies the three of us (Lupe doesn't count) as bona fide farmers.


Progress to follow.


Alice said...

Way to go Farmer girl. I am impressed. I will be even more impressed if I get to taste even just one of those babies. (did that sound selfish?) Tomato right out of the garden=my favorite :)

Melinda said...

That's super impressive. I LOVE fresh garden tomatoes. And I bet you never thought anyone would say this to you....but I'm really jealous of your dirt. The dirt in Ohio totally sucks and is all clay-ey. I don't know if our little tomato seedlings will even grow. And as far as E-I-E-I-O, that was Emerson's first word. Seriously. We're counting it. And Little Floyd is a cute little bump.

eM said...

Wow, you're brave! I swear the second I touch any sort of immediately dies. Make sure you FedEx me a tomato or five when they're good to go :). Or just bring it by. ;)

Jessica said...

Love it. I can't wait to see how the canning extravaganza goes this fall. I planted my flowers last night. Thought about taking pics, but didn't get around to it.