Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So if you can't find me...

In an open act of defiance against our jointly established Christmas present budget, The Hub bought tickets to the Salt Lake performance of Wicked at Capitol Theater. Last night was the big outing.

(I'll admit it: I wore my green jacket. But also, I really like my green jacket and I bought it because of Meredith Vieira, not for Idina Menzel. Don't judge me.)

Anyway, we had a delightful time. We made good use of a gift card at The Cheesecake Factory --an establishment designed, I'm certain, with the express purpose of adding inches to my waist and hips-- and wished each other 'Merry Christmas' all evening long. Wicked even beat out the Thai Peanut Pasta I munched on, and what with my intense love for peanuts in my pasta, that's saying something. (Also helping the cause, I didn't throw up Wicked later, but that's neither here nor there.)

In what's shaping up to be an all-around decent week, I'm also not on call tonight. Makes me wish I could do a cartwheel. 'Cept I might wrinkle the fancy get-up I'm currently sporting. Don't mess with a girl in a robe and her husband's sweat pants.

Unless you're the hidden cameras from What Not To Wear. Because, honestly.


mary elizabeth said...

uh, i'm so jealous!!

i've seen the show twice ... and honestly, i could see it a billion more times. i love it!

Samantha Kennicott said...

We saw it last Saturday. Wasn't it amazing?? Loved it!! It was even better here than when we saw it in New York. We had better seats this time and both of the lead actresses were better.