Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Ashlie-

I could have responded in comment fashion, but this note from you

p.s. I saw a preview on the History Channel for a show called Monsterquest and it was about Giant Sized Spiders that eat DOGS!!! Thought about you. :)

deserves more than a measly hidden comment.

I. Am. Horrified.

And also, I googled "dog eating spider". (What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment.)


Trust me, the Brain Blog had a profanity-laced caption for this one. In fact, every time I see it, I post again.

Shut the heck up.

So, anyway, thanks for the heads-up. I'll steer clear of the History Channel for a while. It'd be like sending Wendy to Shamu's house for Thanksgiving.

Only with more legs.




Alice said...

SHUT UP! (Think Stacy London What not to wear ;)

That is so freaking disgusting. However, somehow I identify with the urge to google what I really don't want to see. Today, but only for today, I will be grateful for my nasty house spider roommates.

Ashlie & Deven said...

We ended up watching the lameo show and low and behold even amongst all of the nail biting suspense in search of that so called spider... they never found one.

Christy and Kevin said...

Yuck! Thats so gross.
Anyways....we really should get together sometime now that Im only like 50 miles away and not 2,000. My parents moved away from SLC, so we dont really go up there too often- but we could make the trip if the occasion called for it. Or you are welcome to come down here anytime. Sounds like you work a lot- let me know when you are free.