Monday, August 25, 2008

Did you know?

I've been running a little dry on the blog-juice recently. By way of a recap:

Did you know that this mound of dead juniper madness has finally (mostly) been taken to the dump? I know we're happy about it, and while I haven't asked him, I bet the fire marshall feels a little better about things, too. Turns out that stuff dries out quickly when you use a chain saw to sever it from its root system.

Did you know that about a million years ago we had a hilarious barbeque with Vince and Mary? Aren't they cute?

Wouldn't you know it, they were even good sports about the fact that we only have one steak knife and we had to pass it around the table during dinner. Ah, the plight of being newly-weds. (Can I still use that excuse after 2 years? Yes. Especially when it comes to rather expensive dinnerware.)

Mary has a much more thorough and timely report of the night's events here. For my purposes, suffice it to say that Vince and Paddy matched a little, even though they swore it was an accident.

Mary and I did not match. Maybe that's why we lost at mini golf later that night. (Thanks for letting me steal the picture from your blog, Mary-dear.)

I'm not really sure what's happening with my belly in the picture below, but I'm pretty sure it involves a drawstring and a bad, bad dream. Bah.

Moving right along...

Did you know I got a new job? It's true, but even though it all happened about a decade ago, I haven't started it. I'll have the same bosses and all that, but it's much, much closer to home and I'm very excited about it. Hubbie, being the cute hubbie that he is, took me out to dinner to celebrate. I remembered how fun it was to date him, and I also remembered why I hate hot rollers.

See how my hair is still straight? Yeah. Also, this was the best picture we could come up with by setting the camera on our mantle and setting the timer. The rest looked a lot more like this:

We ate at a Mexican place that had three kinds of salsa with the appetizer. Some of them tasted funny, but the presentation was nice.

Did you know anything as horrible as this could possibly exist in my house?

Ugh. This was before the last round of spidery ethnic cleansing at our hood, and I stumbled upon the picture while downloading from the camera. The Hub-ster killed it silently on his own, and then snapped the picture, complete with coin for size reference. If this whole life insurance thing doesn't work out, he could be a CSI, I swear.
Did you know we watched the Opening Ceremonies with Michelle and Christian?
Fast, friends, we are. So are Lupe and Titan. After a minor skirmish in the front yard (turns out Lupe is a brat on her leash) the two wrestled in the back yard for hours. Just in case you were wondering, Lupe had mud stuck to her entire body in all the squiggly little lines of slobber that Titan gave her as a present. Trampy little thing on her first date, isn't she?
Mish and I are destined to be good friends, whether she likes it or not.
Christian is destined to make his only appearance on my blog minus a good portion of his head. Sorry. He's taller than the person I'm married to.
Paddy got to sport his new USA Basketball D Will jersey. Some super cool wife (who shall remain nameless but might start with an "M" and rhyme with "ee") must've surprised him with it. Golly, he's cute.
He's now asked if he can attend volleyball camp in preparation for 2012. Watch out, London. 5'9" height be darned; my honey wants to spike it down Brazil's gullet.

Did you know any dog in all the land could be so cute? Note this is before her makeout session with Titan, so she's still reasonably put together, unlike the ragged, slut-sort of version we saw after her romp in the yard.

Um, precious. Too bad she likes us so much, or maybe you could take her home like you secretly want to.

That's what I thought.


Liv said...

Junipers = lame. My stump is still hanging out in the ground. RIGHT in front of the house.

That's so awesome you got rid of your juniper remnants.

It's so good to see what you've been up to!

Alice said...

Yay, congrats on the new job. The pictures of you and Patrick on your date night are cute. I love the green wall too :) That spider is super sick!