Saturday, March 15, 2008

I heart glaze

Turns out not even watching endless episodes of "Flip That House" prepares a person for just how much time a remodel (even a sort of mini-sized one like ours) takes. I've totally abandoned my wardrobe of skirts recently as I haven't had enought time to either scrub all the paint off of my legs or shave them adequately.

To help erase that delightful mental image, note the following:

The new digs sport a fireplace. It used be orange-y. Thanks to HGTV magic, it is now a much more reasonable brown. Here's hoping y'all like the right half better than the left, because I can't change it back now.


Davis Hansen said...

The picture is pretty small, but from what I see I prefer the darker colored rocks. Isn't HGTV awesome. Almost everything we've done to our place has been HGTV inspired.

Lauren said...

As mentioned before my house seriously needs updates. That looks good! No more orange! Yay, for the inspiration that can only be provided by HGTV.