Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like finals week-- kind of, sort of.

Sometimes, when I have a whole bunch of stuff that needs doing, I get so overwhelmed that instead of making progress, I do nothing. I'll sit and stew about it a while, and then ultimately end up wasting time watching decorating shows on HGTV. It happened near the end of each semester in grad school: a sort of anxiety-ridden apathy fills my heart and I go pour a bowl of corn chex for dinner, white flag of surrender flying proudly. I feel a little that way about a whole bunch of things right now. There's a basketball game on tonight, though, so HGTV's out. Instead, I'm surfing the net, wishing in a horridly hypocritical fashion that other people updated their blogs more often to entertain me. Also, I'm on-call for crisis starting in about 85 minutes so I'm likely not going to sleep well and I hate that.

There's lots of big news 'round our compound recently, and I have completely failed to keep el blog up to speed. First of all, I finally got a stamp in my passport, got the desired sunburn on foreign shores, and searched unsuccessfully for Natalee Holloway. Aruba is an absolutely fantastic place to spend the stormiest week of Utah winter. Pictures to follow when I can find that pesky cord to attach the camera to the computadora.

Husband is thrilled to start his new job on Monday as a life insurance agent and financial advisor. (It's incredible. The man's facination with MSNMoney articles rivals my newly discovered feelings for Khaled Hosseini.) I, for one, am simply thrilled to see him leave the house every day dressed to the nines in his handsome suits and cuff links. Ten points to the first person who can tell me how the phrase "dressed to the nines" came about. And no b.s., people.

Perhaps most interestingly, we successfully closed on our splendidly outdated home, and have spent the last few days scraping off (non-asbestos!) popcorn ceilings and horridly stubborn wallpaper. Lupe loves irritating our new neighbors by loudly bragging about her new, securely fenced yard. We can't wait to get it finished and have friends and family over for barbeques and other home-ownerly things.

Alright, I'm fresh out of anything witty or entertaining to say. Please keep your fingers crossed that Husband will recover from that nasty upper respiratory infection, that anyone doing anything crazy tonight heads to a hospital other than LDS, and that anxiety will eventually prevail over apathy so that I can finish packing.


Lauren said...

I think that you are a very witty and entertaining writer. I truly do.

Okay, I consulted my book "Heavens to Betsy! and Other Curious Sayings". I can tell you where sayings like, "chew the fat" and "make no bones about it" came from but, as far as "Dressed to the Nines goes...the book has got nothin'.

I am the same way as you described...if I get overwhelmed and can't get things done perfectly, I just sort of give up. It is worst with house cleaning...partly because I have 3 sons that are always wrecking the joint, so I just sort of hang my head in defeat sometimes and give up.

Okay, well, sorry, (insert nervous laugh) enough about me...

Liv Taylor said...

Glad you're back safe and sound!
I'm still jealous of the house. Please post pictures soon. It'll be like watching HGTV with people I KNOW starring in it.
Good luck with the home improvement!

mary elizabeth said...

welcome home! can't wait to see your place, i am seriously so jealous! :D good luck to the hubby with the new job!