Saturday, October 20, 2007

Summer Scrapbook, Round 1

I may have mentioned that I'm not a good scrapbooker. I've tried a little, but my skills end at writing in bubble letters. Even then, the page usually runs out before the word I'm trying to squeeze in does. Thus, el blog serves as the sole record of our lives. Pretty shameful, 'specially for a good little Mormon wife like m'self. Here's some fun stuff we did a long time ago.

We have about a million pictures of Megs and various animals at her request. There is a chance she's a bit of a diva.

Also, Jordan is cute. Husband is cute. Jordo and Husband together at the zoo? Super cute.

Megan and Jordan get a long just swimmingly, and this Hogle Zoo adventure was no exception. Right up until Jordan nailed her in the arm with a rock.

This was my favorite exhibit. The mammal in question wasn't super amused to see that I was taking his picture, but I figure anything inside a cage is fair game.

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Liv Taylor said...

y'know... i gave up on traditional scrapbooking when i was 15.
now i just have album after album of photos. and i've scribbled names and dates on the backs. it's sufficient. combine that with online "scrapbooks" and we're good to go. no need to feel you're not fulfilling a divine calling by neglecting cutesy, old-school scrapbooks. they work for some ppl, but not me.