Monday, June 25, 2007

Our blogger debut

After steadfastly refusing to join the MySpace revolution, I somehow found myself adrift in the vast sea of the world wide web-- perhaps the only young person left without even a Facebook page to call my own. Until now.

Welcome to our brand new blog!

I hestitate for only one reason: I fear that no one will care. I'll have all this fun creating a virtual scrapbook (since I'm terrible at the paper-and-sticker variety) and no one will read it. Here's hoping I have some friends, somewhere.


Wendy said...

On behalf of your fellow bloggers scribbling electronic inanities, I bid you welcome to the blogosphere!

Kris said...

Thanks, Wen. Glad someone is reading this. :) Hopefully, with time this blog will grow up to be as cool as yours. I was so proud when I saw myself linked from yours! When I know more than 2 other people with blogs, I'll be sure to do the same, it's just that the list would look so forlorn right now...

Papa said... maybe I'm in the right place. Good blog...considering it is the first one I've seen! But what is with the sloth?